How Far The Apple Falls

In case you’re wondering from the caption, no, this article is not about the decadence of a tech titan or the oft-repeated tale of Newton’s famous eye-opener to gravity. Rather, we continue our discussion from the previous post about the impact of nature and nurture on your individual being. Before I kick off my verbal

A History Of Violence

Guten Tag, homies! Sorry to keep you waiting, I know I’ve been away for over a month, but what can a man do when he’s given a VIP invitation to Oktoberfest? Just kidding. Remain assured yours truly doesn’t embarrass people at the parties by tanking himself with Gewurztraminer and creating a scene. So next time

When You Don’t Walk Your Talk


Ever had that nagging feeling when you purchased those cool new Nike sneakers launched this week and you realize that you bought a pair from Steve Madden last week and promised to go easy on your pockets, especially after noticing that your credit card statement isn’t dissimilar to Baghdad’s present condition? And when you’re walking out of